• Von der Jugendherberge direkt in das Stettiner Haff, © Danny Gohlke
    Von der Jugendherberge direkt in das Stettiner Haff

Hostel Ueckmünde

Family holiday, in the beautiful landscape. The Oderhaff-Area has the best condition for relieved nature enthusiasts.

The Far East from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is the small gem out of water, forest and meadows, from the Stettiner Haff located. The green town Uckermünde, is surrounded from a picturesque countryside. 6 kilometers away from district Bellin is the hostel located. It is the perfect starting point for excursions on the Haff. Or you can visit the island Usedom, with a tour on a steamer, or you can travel to Poland or on the open sea. On the other hand you can do a bike tour or perhaps you can sit in a beach chair and relax.

The big romping hall, is the perfect hall for dancing and music festivals.

On the area from the hostel you will finde a climbing castle and sandbox and the generous outdoor area with amateur football field. After a daytrip , everybody meet in the evening at a barbeque. 



+49 (0)39771 22411


Jugendherberge Ueckermünde

Herbergsstraße 1
17373  Ueckermünde OT Bellin

+49 (0)39771 22411

Jugendherberge Ueckermünde, Herr Detlef Rabethke, Herbergsstraße 1, 17373 Ueckermünde OT Bellin
Ihr Ziel:

Jugendherberge Ueckermünde
Herbergsstraße 1
17373 Ueckermünde OT Bellin


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