• Hotelansicht direkt am Markt in Loitz, © Walter Oster
    Hotelansicht direkt am Markt in Loitz
  • Unser Doppelzimmer mit Bad, © Walter Oster
    Unser Doppelzimmer mit Bad
  • Sicht auf Hafen und Mühlenviertel in Loitz, © Marianne Schultz
    Sicht auf Hafen und Mühlenviertel in Loitz
  • Mit dem Biberfloss auf der Peene, © Walter Oster
    Mit dem Biberfloss auf der Peene

Guesthouse `Hotel am Mark`

The guesthouse `Hotel am Markt`in Loitz is a small and cleaner hotel with free W-Lan, TV and a bath in every room

The guesthouse *Hotel am Markt`is located at the Loitzer town squeer. All the 12 doubel rooms, has a bath room and free W-Lan and TV. The rooms are cheap and clean. The town Loitz is located at the Peene, the Amazonas from the North`. He get the name from the countless and crossing peat working passionierte anglers, nature lovers and people who are looking for the special moment, will find a flat shallow water. The Peental is good for travelling on the water and for observe, you will find water very rich in fish and species rich. You can use a castor float, the canoe or rowing boat; you can fell the nature and recovery. Unexpected impressions from flora and fauna will enchant you. Here you can see beaver, otter, sea egales birds, and butterflies. Seldom ferns and flowers are partially unique in Germany. The richness in fish is one of the biggest in Europe. Loitz is not far away from the Baltic seas lidos. Also the Mecklenburg Lake District and the Mecklenburg Switzerland you arrived in 20 minutes. From the Loitz you can drive upstream at the Peene, till Kummerower Sea or downstream till Stettiner Haff and the Peenestrom till the Peenemündung and then to the Balic See.

Thousand Years old oak are near by the town and a lot of museums.

In the Hotel could the tourist get some `Torfspezialtäten` like Torpfkopp or Whisky-Torf from the harbour distillery and the brewery Loitz, and you can enjoy the culinary specialties?


Hotels und Pensionen

039998 333556


Gästehaus "Hotel am Markt"

Marktstraße 162
17121  Loitz

039998 333556

Eigentümergemeinschaft Oster/ Ziemann,
Ihr Ziel:

Gästehaus "Hotel am Markt"
Marktstraße 162
17121 Loitz


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